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San Blas: the classic neighborhood of Cusco

If there is a place that summarizes the fusión between traditional and modernity in Cusco is the neighborhood of San Blas. Located north of Cusco, San Blas used to be denominated as the neighborhood of artisans. It is characterized by its small streets, doors and blue balconies, and different kind of artists who spread andean culture.

San Blas is located near the historical center of Cusco and you can get there through ascents that surround it. The main square of San Blas is the first scene you'll see once you arrive there. In the middle of it, lies the opulent Temple of San Blas that is home of the saint of the same name that appears in festivities as Corpus Christy. This temple also keeps the famous “Pulpit of San Blas” consisting of filigree made in cedar by experts in the handling of the gouge and today is annealed as one of the greatest jewels of colonial art. The Mayor Altar is a imposing place: is carved in cedar and covered with gold leaf, is a mixed style where the baroque characteristics dominate.

On the other hand, in the right side of the main square there is the " Paccha", large waterfall that also results very attractive for the view of the visitor.

Evenings and nights of Cusco, so attractive and recognized by visitors, also take place in the neighborhood of San Blas. There are cafes and restaurants of all kinds, as well as small and large bars where you can enjoy good music and you are welcoming to take a good drink accompanied by people coming from worldwide locations.

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